Ways to Celebrate Apraxia Awareness Day (May 14)

At School

O​n May 14 you may wish to share information about Apraxia with our child’s classmates.

*Share an info card aka "cheat sheet".

I created the info card (see right) that you a​re welcome to use and send home with the kids in your child’s class. Click HERE to download.

Here are some other ways to spread awareness at your child’s school. You will likely require school approval in advance.

*Ask everyone to wear blue.

*Ask the teacher to read a story to the class. Here are some great books to spread awareness, understanding and inclusiveness:

"What Your Friend With Apraxia Wants You To Know" Click HERE to order.

*Distribute apraxia awareness bracelets ($5/ 5pk)

Click HERE to order.

*Send in blue cupcakes or cookies for the class (we are not allowed to bring in edible treats in our school district)

*Share resources with school staff from ApraxiaKids available for FREE. Click HERE to access.

*Attach blue pencils to the info card or other information sheet.

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